The STORY project aims to improve the accessibility and quality of international traineeships and to increase the awareness regarding the existence of such opportunities for young graduates.

Therefore, the STORY research main focus is related to the quality of study and training mobility. The STORY research analyses the impact and quality of study and training mobility programmes and surveys obstacles and expectations as perceived by the main actors of student and training mobility: students, Higher Education Institutions, National Agencies and receiving companies/organisations.

For this research were used online surveys that were accessible in this website. The dissemination of individual questionnaires was streamlined according to the respective target group. STORY research team analysed the data colleted and two publications based on the analysis were created as main outcomes:

Check them to know more about the numbers and recommendations regarding studying abroad and international traineeships!

Besides, in the framework of STORY, the 4th edition of the Student guidebook was produced. Check it to know the different opportunities to go abroad and the rights and obligations as an Erasmus student.